PIE Demo Day - Oct 24, 2014


Keeping up with the news is hard. Staying informed, yet unbiased with the constant reveal of new sources and a constant spew of information is hard. By the time you get through one article, five more have appeared that all demand your attention and focus. WorldState is easy.

WorldState aims to give you the news about your world in easily digestible pieces that build upon one another so you never feel like you’re left behind. You get the facts – who, what, when, where, and why – without the bias so you can draw an opinion yourself, or just read the facts. We never assume prior knowledge on a topic so all of the news we curate comes from a fresh start so you never feel left out or uninformed. We report on the relevant and we take all the work out of being up to date for you. Log on once, have the entire story, from beginning to end with new developments and old ones, at your finger tips.


Patrick Finnegan

Patrick is the co-founder and CEO of WorldState. He previously ran a company called, ONMSG, where he dealt with business ranging from small to medium building websites and social media campaigns. He is pained by mainstream media and how overwhelming it is. WorldState is his baby, but it also is his solution to solving these issues.

Lisa Jacques

In addition to being the CCO, Lisa currently serves as Executive Editor for NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study’s Journal of Global Affairs (2 years). Prior, she served as Managing Editor for the publication. She served as Editor for the Literacy Review, a publication that specializes in the work of GED and TOEFL students in New York City, as well as Contributing Editor of Confluence, an online publication for NYU students.

Nick Ferraro

Nick is a fullstack developer at SalesForce and part-time CTO at WorldState. Nick believes cross domain training is just as important as deep dive expertise. Most people say it is not possible, but then again most people leave their job at work. He thoroughly enjoy Software Engineering and therefore constantly explore new technologies, frameworks, and languages.