Collaboration is key in design, whether it’s swapping ideas with colleagues or sharing comps with clients. Droplr is a simple cloud file sharing tool that makes sharing your stuff second nature.

PIE Demo Day - Oct 24, 2014

Droplr demo day slides (PDF)


Sharing your work should be easy. It shouldn’t take a ton of annoying steps involving multiple apps. That’s why we created Droplr. We were tired of wasting countless hours just trying to share and collaborate. We wanted to remove barriers to creativity and productivity, to get more stuff done.

Droplr helps you work faster, better, and smarter. With Droplr, you can swap screenshots and share files in seconds. You can record screencasts in minutes and distribute them instantly. It runs in the background, becomes a streamlined part of your workflow. It’s a simple, fast tool made for creative professionals. We use it all the time and we love it.

Our Philosophy

The tools we use should be intuitive, unobtrusive, and beautiful. They should help us be better at what we do. We made Droplr behave like the apps creative professionals use every day. We made it work with the apps creative professionals use every day. It’s fully integrated with the Adobe Creative suite, Sketch, Slack, and countless other apps. It just works.

Our Team

Droplr was created by developers Josh Bryant and Levi Nunnink in 2009. Josh and Levi share a love for clean design and clean code.


Levi Nunnink,